Answer: WireFlow's modules use standardized connectors. Different modules use different connectors.

The WF 3132 module has a 37-pin male D-sub connector.

It is not delivered with any plug. Any standard D-sub 37 female plug can be used.

Figure 1 - 37 pin D-sub female plug

The WF 3144 and WF 3154 modules have a 10-pos male connector (MSTB 2,5/10-GF-5,08 BK).

It is delivered with a matching 10-pos female plug with screw terminals (FRONT-MSTB 2,5/10-STF-5,08BKNZ - 1763504).

Figure 2 - 10-pos female plug

The WF 3168 and WF 3169 have a 2x18-pos male connector (S2L-SMT 3.50/36/90LF 3.2SN BK BX).

It is delivered with a matching 2x18-pos female plug with spring terminals (B2L 3.50/36/180F SN BK BX).

Read more on connector genders on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia: Gender of connectors and fasteners

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