Answer: You need to follow the 4 steps described below:

1. Download the WF Security Dongle Software Package.

It contains:

  • LabVIEW Dongle Drivers.vipc. It provides VI’s that you shall embed in your application (this software is free).
  • WF-Dongle Device Driver. Install this on the Windows target PC’s if you use WF 2008 dongles (this software is free).
  • WF Security Suite Programming Application. Use this application to program your secret keys into the dongles (you need to buy a license to activate this application).

2. Buy a license for the WF Security Suite Programming Application

(Article no AE009) from WireFlow. You need one such license.

3. Buy some dongles

Buy WF 2008 (Windows) or WF 2007 (RT), USB Security dongles from WireFlow. You will need one dongle for each system you want to deploy.

4. Read the Quick Guide

It gives a short step by step instruction for how to create your security solution.

Software Package: WireFlow Security Suite Software Package (*.zip)

WF shop: WF Security Suite Programming Application License

WF shop: WF 2007 USB Security Dongle for LabVIEW RT

WF shop: WF 2008 USB Security Dongle for LabVIEW

Quick guide: WF Security Suite Quick Guide

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